Driven to provide a defined and considered approach to real estate, Oslo Property continually analyses and measures market insights into metrics for clients to create informed decisions to deliver master-planned subdivisions and built-form projects. With years of industry knowledge, the Oslo Property project team deliver a unique array of strategic and creative services.

From planning and feasibility services to site optimisation, project marketing, launch strategy, sales, conveyancing, brokering and property management. The Oslo Property project team provides every service to the highest standard required for a successful project.

Why Oslo

Planning & Advice

The key to a successful project lies in the planning. From the very infancy of the project, our project advisors can provide support and advice. This support and guidance includes the following services: planning and acquisition, site selection, feasibility analysis, design and engineering, procurement, construction, and commissioning.


With an industry-leading tech ecosystem and a solution-based mentality, Oslo Property successfully elevates the property experience. Cloud-based systems and programs allow all Oslo Property project members and project partners to work collaboratively and with real-time data and information anywhere at any time. This simple yet sophisticated approach firmly grasps transparent systems, customised service, and professional advisory.

In addition to our industry-leading tech ecosystem and solution-based mentality, Oslo Property also has a comprehensive database. Our database is provided with the latest information on properties and investment opportunities. This enables us to offer our purchasers a customised service that is tailored to their unique needs and preferences.


The project team at Oslo Property is dedicated to building unique and recognisable brands that stem from a solid and strategic base. This foundation allows for a competitive advantage in all branding and marketing aspects, ultimately leading to project success.

Our team is comprised of diverse creative individuals who can take strategic marketing objectives and create a visually stunning brand and design.

Additional Services

Oslo Property, as a partner of Geelong Property Hub, offers building, finance, sales, property management, and conveyancing services. Property Hub Build provides fixed, turnkey packages that include everything clients need to build their dream homes, while Property Hub Finance offers home loans and refinancing services. Property Hub Conveyancing combines legal expertise with local property knowledge for safe property transactions. Additionally, Oslo Property offers re-sale and property management services in collaboration with Armstrong Real Estate and Lara Real Estate to maximize clients’ investments.

Oslo Property is a team of masterful negotiators who excel in the property industry. We are known for our premium property expertise and exceptional marketing skills that deliver an unparalleled service to our clients.

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